Dear colleagues, 

We cordially invite you to the International Conference " Frontiers in Environmental and Water Management", which will take place on 19-21 March 2015, at Kavala, Greece.

The conference is organized by Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology (EMaTTECH) and the Water Institute for Research and Education - WIRE (formerly known as CREW) of the Mohammed Ali Research Center (MOHA) under the project " Utilizing Stream Waters in the Suppression of Forest Fires with the Help of New Technologies " with the acronym "Streams-2-SUPPRESS-Fires" that is funded under the EU INTERREG IV “Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme 2007-2013” framework and the project " Management and Prevention of Soil Erosion through an Integrated Information System " with the acronym "MaP-Erosion" that is funded under the Hellenic General Secretariat for Research and Technology “Aristeia II.

 The Conference will focus on the current developments on environmental and water management with an emphasis on innovation and new technologies to enhance its effectiveness and efficiency.  It will provide an opportunity to meet scientists, decision-makers and stakeholders  that will  promote the cooperation in environmental and water research and management among countries from the Black Sea Basin, the Mediterranean Basin, Europe and worldwide.

This conference coincides with the International Day of Forests (March 21) and World Water Day (March 22) and provides an avenue to celebrate these important days.

The scope of the conference will mainly be:

·        To present new innovative environmental and water management methodologies

·        Introduce demonstration projects on efficient and effective environmental and water management

·        Discuss recent advances in scientific research and technical development in regards to environmental and water management

·        Promote international collaboration for more effective and efficient management

·        To bring together scientists and practitioners from various parts of the world working on different aspects of environmental and water management

The submission of abstracts has been extended to January 15th 2015. Keep in mind that certain presented papers will be considered for their inclusion in special issue(s) of journal(s) indexed in Scopus, amongst others after the normal peer review process of the journal.

The website will provide information about the Conference and its related events. This information is of interest for those who intend to participate in the conference but also for all those who are interested in environmental and water management in general.

 Your comments and queries are welcome.

 The Chairman of the Conference

Dr. George N. ZAIMES